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Looking to rent some skis and/or snowboards in Whistler but not sure where to start? Whistler Ski and Snowboard Rental is here to help. Perhaps there is a particular ski or snowboard that you want to try? or maybe you’ve heard that Whistler gets snowfalls of 50+cm (Yes we do!) and you want to try a pair of skis wider than 100mm. Use this website to discover which skis and snowboards are available for rent, and which store/s you can get them from. It’s as easy as:
1.Find a pair of skis or snowboard you want to rent
2.Choose your preferred rental store†

† Recommended Companies

Affinity Rentals – Plenty of locations offering great service and value

Summit Sport – Main store located at the base of both Whistler and Blackcomb

Why Rent?

  • Pick your equipment depending on the current conditions – a wide powder ski/board if you get lucky, or something more all-mountain/carving if it’s hardpack. If the conditions change, the rental companies mentioned by this website allow you to swap to something more appropriate.
  • Save the hassle and cost of bringing your own. Skis and snowboards can be heavy and just outright hard to manage. Plus, airlines today are often charging extra to bring them.
  • Forget about waxing and tuning. Let the professionals set you up with ready-to-go equipment.
  • Use the latest and greatest models. You can even try more than one if you like!

Remember – Ski and Snowboard technology has improved dramatically in recent years and each season continues to bring new developments. All of these improvements help you to ski better, harder and for longer. Maximize your Whistler vacation by renting the latest skis and snowboards

* Depending on which company you book with, and for how long you rent for, booking online can save you up to 30% off the ‘walk-in’ retail price.

Getting To Whistler

Below are our recommended top-rated transfer services to get from Greater Vancouver to your destination in Whistler:

KJ Limousine Services
VanCity Limos
More Options from Whistler.com

Ski & Snowboard Rental FAQ

  • Would I be able to pick up my ski/snowboard rental the day before?
    Yes, if you wish, you may pick up your rental after 4pm on the day before your first rental day.  We allow people to do this to avoid the rush and crowds that are common in the morning time.
  • Where do I pick up my rental equipment?
    Before you complete your online booking or phone booking, you will be asked for your most convenient location, or you will be given the address to the pick up location if there is low availability for the equipment you are looking to rent.
  • Is there a place where I can store my rentals overnight at the bottom of Whistler or Blackcomb?
    Yes, we do offer overnight storage at the base of Whistler and the base of Blackcomb.  If you would like to store your rentals in the daytime, you may use the storage located at the Roundhouse, Rendezvous and Glacier Creek restaurants at the top of the mountains.
  • If I wanted to switch from a ski to a snowboard (or vice versa) part way through my rental duration, is that allowed?
    Yes, that is allowed.  Conveniently return your rental equipment at the same location where you picked it up and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Do you also rent clothing and accessories?
    Some of our locations do.  Renting snow pants and jackets are recommended to keep you dry and warm.  Helmet rentals are also highly recommended for safety.
  • What happens in the case of damage to the rental equipment?
    At the time of rental, you are offered the option to pay for damage coverage, which covers any damages to your equipment to a certain extent.  If you decide not to purchase coverage, you will be liable to for repairs and/or cost of replacing the equipment.  You will find that damage coverage is very reasonable and affordable